What's new in MxDoc 2.1
What's new in MxDoc 2.1

New Modules

Pertimm Full Text Search
MxDoc's enhanced search tools allow the user to retrieve targeted documents using Pertimm's innovative search technology.

Electronic Forms with MxForms
MxDoc's document support just got stronger with the addition of electronic forms. Support for the organization's internal form templates, records and processes (including CAPA, ISO, etc).

MxDoc Online Document Editor
MODE enhances collaboration and use of MxDoc by wrapping the user's Microsoft Office within MxDoc.

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New Features

Firefox Support
MxDoc has been tuned to be as pleasant to use with Firefox as it is already with Internet Explorer.

Document Preview
Visualize a thumbnail in MxDoc Explorer or browse each page directly within the new document viewer.

Request Reading Task
Send, manage and track reading confirmations sent to your users. Displayed as a task, it can be requested for a specific revision.

Access Document Revisions
All revisions are now accessible from MxDoc Explorer. Double click on a document and they will appear.

Recycle Bin
Introducing an easier way to remove documents and revisions. The recycle bin protects against wrongly deleted documents.

Bind document together by creating directional and typed dependencies (parent/child/copy) between them.

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