What's new in MxDoc 2.1


Pertimm Full Text Search

New in MxDoc 2.1
MxDoc's enhanced search tools allow the user to retrieve targeted documents using Pertimm's innovative search technology. Based on a linguistic engine with multilingual capacities, this module allows immediate availability of new documents. Respecting the user's permissions policy, it will present suggested keywords and related search expressions as search results while offering simultaneously a semantic extract (document blurb).


PDF Conversion Server

MxDoc has capabilities for integrating with a document conversion engine. MxDoc comes bundled with "MxDoc PDF Conversion server" or the alternate optional "AdLib PDF Conversion Server". Both engines allow an organisation to automatize Document Conversion tasks into the life-cycle of the document. Each PDF Conversion engine includes its own set of functionalities including converting documents to secure PDF, adding elements such as corporate headers and footers, watermarks and signature and metadata information.


MxDoc Online Document Editor

New in MxDoc 2.1
MODE enhances collaboration and use of MxDoc by wrapping the user's Microsoft Office within MxDoc and providing an integrated web-based interface for functions such as document edition, update and comparison without having to take extra steps to locally edit the document.


Electronic Forms with MxForms

New in MxDoc 2.1
MxDoc's document support just got stronger with the addition of electronic forms. Support for the organization's internal form templates, records and processes (including CAPA, ISO, etc). Based on the XML standard, MxForms activates the full potential of records using online edition, version control and real-time validation. Completely blended into MxDoc, MxForms supports tasks and workflows along with PDF conversion.

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