Products Overview
Blink Framework
MxDoc for Document Management

MxDoc is Sequence Technologies's corporate electronic document management software for Life Sciences companies with functions such as, electronic signature, audit trail, versioning, attributes management, workflows and automated PDF conversion.
>> MxDoc for Document Management

MxDoc for Form Management

MxDoc's platform has been extended to support electronic forms with MxForms. It supports the organisation's internal form templates, records and processes (including CAPA, ISO, etc).
>> MxDoc for Form Management


MxClinical Dashboard

Sequence Technologies's CT Dashboard allows the organisation to stay in the pilot seat of its studies by providing Real-Time Clinical Trial monitoring and tracking of key study parameters directly from the various data sources (CRO, eCRF, Central Lab, etc).
>> MxClinical Dashboard


MxClinical Data Capture

Sequence Technologies's innovative technology allows the organisation to centrally manage the data capture activities during Clinical Trials. Jump start your trials and improve data quality using eCRF and remote site entry.
>> MxClinical Data Capture


DDP Molecule Database

DDP is a flexible molecule data warehousing solution to help R&D groups optimize their molecular data management through: drawing, storing, searching and reporting.
>> DDP Molecule Database